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Music and Lyrics by Mark Hollmann
Book and Lyrics by Greg Kotis
Directed by Martin Parr
Musical Direction by Ros Jones
Designed by Dylan Howells
Costumes by Drucilla Alfieri
Lighting by Genevieve Tyrrell
Choreography by Darren Suarez and Carl Parris

Officer Lockstock invites you to the not too distant future, where only the privileged can pee for free. Corporate conglomerate Urine-Good Company and its CEO, Caldwell B. Caldwell, has privatised all lavatories. Only public amenities exist… at a price. It’s down to Bobby Strong and the people of Public Amenity #9 to overthrow Caldwell, his cruel regime and open the floodgates to a brand new world, where porcelain is for all and bladders flow freely. All Bobby needs is Hope, but she belongs to Caldwell too. Cross your legs and sit uncomfortably; we’re bursting for a revolution.

Inspired by the work of Brecht and Weill, Urinetown was performed in a derelict cabaret theatre, allowing our MC Officer Lockstock to address the audience directly. A tottering chandelier hovering above, trapdoors concealing a hidden world of sewers and tunnels below all created a broken down, dangerous and sinister playground for the characters to explore. And what lay behind the mysterious red curtain was revealed at the powerful denouement...


“Real moments of greatness”

Jules Sanderson

“Hits very close to home” 


“Current protest signs added layers of poignancy” 

Broadway Baby

“The entire production is very funny...laugh out loud” 

Broadway Baby