Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet

Rose Theatre, Bankside
May-June 2012

Liz Crowther
Jennifer Higham
Dan Winter
Jonathan Broadbent
Isabel Pollen

An acting company of 5 leapt from role to role with the flick of a scarf or the donning of a hat with lightening speed as Shakespeare’s youthful and quicksilver tragedy hurtled towards it’s inevitable conclusion.

The epic expanse of the Rose, blanketed in 100’s of candles and heavy with incense, became a sacred and spectacular space.


“Spellbinding…powerful performances….analyses the play in all it’s beautiful detail”
Chris Hislop, One Stop Arts, 12th June 2012

“The setting of Martin Parr’s production feels as light to the touch as his quicksilver direction does”
Honour Bayes, The Stage, 12th June 2012

“An aggressively stripped down staging, going for quality instead of quantity…the approach works excellently…a stellar production that cannot be recommended too highly- if you only get to see one Shakespeare this Summer, makes sure this is it”
Matthew Partridge, Remotegoat, 8th June 2012

“Directed with aplomb by Martin Parr, there is immediacy and urgency in the language…vibrant energy…for anyone with a love of text and excellent performances”
Chris Hislop, One Stop Arts, 12th June 2012