Regarding X

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Regarding X

A new play by Nick Harrison
Featuring Annie Aldington as Eileen
Directed by Martin Parr
Played as part of the ‘Hot August Fringe’ in Vauxhall, London
August, 2014

Salou, Spain. Eileen: early 50s, attractive, hilarious. A Brit abroad – great taste in sarongs: appalling taste in men. Package-holiday protocol seems fair game for Eileen’s scathing asides, but beneath the bitchy tittle-tattle and ‘70s references, Eileen is keeping a dark, unsettling secret. Regarding X is an interior monologue inspired by Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads.


“Annie Aldington captivates the audience with an emotional performance and one feels so involved with her character that at moments it becomes painful to watch. Yet in an instant you find yourself laughing through the pain, as Regarding X takes another turn, rounding up a life-enhancing evening to remember.”
T.H, Worcester

“Perfect delivery of a dialogue of pain and angst, joy and sorrow. The audience shed a tear and took a shared gasp. A beautiful play with music interludes that very cleverly evoked the time and period of the day. A very sad, very beautiful and very special play and performance.”
R.C, London

“In Regarding X we saw both a funny and deeply moving performance by Annie Aldington, who showed a great understanding of and empathy for the multiple characters she embodied so wonderfully. The piece was brilliantly directed by Martin Parr with clarity, sensitivity, humanity and flair – a great balance between the comedy and tragedy of this woman’s life. A great show!!”
A.B, Australia

“So beautifully and touchingly presented, it made me cry…”
A.M, London

“I laughed and I cried, the only disappointment was that the play had to come to an end!”
C.K, London