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Martin Parr nominated for ‘Best Director’ in the Off West End Awards 2013

Rose Theatre, Bankside
5th February to 3rd March, 2013
Set Design by Rebecca Brower (also nominated for an Off West End award for Best Set Design, 2013)
Costume Design by Charlotte Espiner.
Design Consultancy by Jon Bauser.

Jonathan Broadbent
Liam McKenna
Jamie Sheasby
Suzanne Taylor

Produced in London’s oldest theatre, amid the excavated ruins of the 1587 Rose, the production sought to catapault the audience from the intimate space of the newly suspended stage to the epic expanse of the original theatre.

Adapted by Martin and the company, the production featured an acting company of 4, all of whom were double cast except Hamlet.

The production focussed on the family drama at the play’s heart and cast the audience as the 5th character in the play. A dark, forbidding wall, suddenly ripped away, revealed a futuristic, laser lit highway to Hell above the freezing waters of the excavation below.

Click here to listen to Martin discuss his production of Hamlet with Heather Neill of Theatre Voice


The Telegraph

“Martin Parr’s fast and fresh adaptation is a pleasure to behold…clever and original in the most unexpected way, Parr’s adaptation is a must-see”
Hattie Williams, The Public Review

“Martin Parr has created an intriguing chamber play”
William Russell, Reviewsgate

“Whistlestop production…staggeringly good”
Honour Bayes, The Stage

“Wholly inclusive and immersive…every word is felt in an engrossing experience…intimate and passionate staging”
Vanessa Bunn, Extra Extra

“Intimate and private, throughly reclaimed from larger spaces by re-envisioning it in a small room in half darkness…effective and imaginative…Martin Parr’s Hamlet is a rarity and I urge you to dash to see it”
Aleksandra Akowska, Plays To See

“This ambitious production soars…to hear the soliloguies spoken like this is to feel ones imagination piercingly provoked…played at top speed…faute de mieux inventiveness…the production works because Parr understands that ‘words words words’ are what the play is all about…what an unexpected delight this is…the experience is a fascinating one”
Laura Thompson, The Telegraph

“Fastpaced…slick…Martin Parr manages to balance comedy and drama extremely well…go and see Hamlet as you’ve never seen it before”
Alice Dickerson, London SE1, 12th February 2013

“Director Martin Parr cuts the script to it’s thrilling essentials…a killer thriller with an intellectual kick- this brakes-off production does the play gripping justice”
Conor O’Neill, Southwark News