Doctor Faustus

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Doctor Faustus

by Christopher Marlowe
Directed by Martin Parr
The Rose Playhouse, Bankside, London
4th – 28th February, 2014

Doctor Faustus: Christopher Staines
Sound Design
Chris Traves

With a new adaptation by Martin, Doctor Faustus was performed at The Rose Theatre where it was originally produced 420 years ago and formed the inaugural production of the 450th anniversary year of the playwright’s birth.

Adapted into a one man performance, Christopher Staines as Faustus inhabited the role of Faustus, as well as making real the various voices of the Good and Bad Angel, Mephistophilis and Lucifer. Far from being a medieval pageant, the play became an unnerving, truthful psychodrama about a man teetering on the brink of madness as he becomes acquainted with his own personal ‘Hell’.

With a soundtrack of disembodied voices and discordant piano, the production delved into the mind of a tortured man torn between conscience and desire.


“Truly unnerving psycho drama…genuinely creepy…lean and pacey…mercurial…an audacious production that doesn’t shy away from being genuinely disturbing”

“Simply put, utterly gripping…powerful, uncomfortable, wonderful theatre…an adaptation that will make you look at your own darkness”
The Londonist

“Skilfully staged by Martin Parr…mesmerising…a handsome tribute to the 450th anniversary of the playwright’s birth”

“I can claim with confidence that the current version (of Doctor Faustus)…is the best I’ve ever seen…pulled off with astounding panache…”
The Public Reviews

“One of the most astonishing performances, of anything, I’ve ever seen…strong stuff indeed…an astonishing performance”
Migrant Press

“Martin Parr’s direction makes it feel like a supernatural Beckett-esque monologue…the direction and production is powerful…exciting work”
Peter Carrington, Remotegoat

“If the ghost of Christopher Marlowe is stalking The Rose, I’m sure he’d approve”
Plays to see

“Leaves us bedazzled”
The Stage